The undisputable joy of being childlike

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The older I am, the more I see the complete joy in abandonment of “should” and just enjoying the now and the present moments. It is more often than not a complete decision to embrace the unexpected, to let go of the first desire to be angry, and fight it, and instead choose to ride with it, allowing myself to accept and experience it in it’s fullness.

We walk the dogs twice a day throughout the year – in the stark cold of winter, with gale force winds almost driving us off our path, in the hailstorms of spring, the early dark or late dawning mornings, the humidity of summer.

And there is always a moment when the weather suddenly changes where you can rail against it – this thing you have no control over, or you can lift your face to it, and drink in the change, and laugh.

I fell in love with walking in the warm rain of later summer and early autumn once again this year – dancing in the downpour, while other adults ran from the beach to their dry cars.
There is so much joy to be found in being in that moment.

When you remember that nature has far more power than you.

And it is nice to not be the one in control. Or in charge.

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