This is what resilience looks like

rachel klaver resilience

Resilience is a well used word these days. And can be made to add extra pressure to people already feeling the strain.

With a daughter who suffers from crippling anxiety, we’ve got really good at labeling what resilience is.

This is what resilience looks like

  • Getting dressed when you just want to hide under the bed covers
  • Eating your breakfast because you know eating is part of what you do to stay healthy
  • Going to your school/ work when you just want to bypass it altogether
  • Learning how to move past a hurt, and pain to work with someone again
  • Starting again, and again when you find the next steps insurmountable
  • Picking yourself up, when no one else does

Resilience is the hard slog to the top of the mountain, with falls and slips that you need to re climb and re face. It’s not the pinnacle of achievement – it’s nasty and hard and painful. It’s not pretty, fun and easy.

That is what resilience looks like.



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  1. As a person who has gone through crippling depression whilst trying to raise children, work and be a wife that my husband still wants to be with, I can only say AMEN to your post.

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